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Painted Views Ranch is a venue for teaching art workshops but we can make no guarantee as to the number of students that will register for any given class. In an effort to assure a worthwhile number of students for your workshop, it is our hope and expectation that perspective teachers will share in the efforts to market their workshop by having an internet presence and a following of students already interested in studying with you. We look forward to having you on our team as we coordinate the marketing efforts to promote your workshop here.
The schedule to the right
shows the dates available for workshops in 2018.
(Holidays marked in blue are ones that may result in fewer student signups.)

If you would like to do a workshop, please email us at
or call 512-750-8380
so that we can discuss your date selection
and let us know your fee for teaching.

We invite our instructors, and if you wish, a spouse, (or even an assistant or companion; there is a second bed and bath available) to be Guests of the Ranch, and provide you with lodging, including a private bath, WIFI connection, meals and whatever other "creature comforts" we can reasonably provide.
Our classroom is also equipped with a digital projector, so you may bring images or even a Power Point presentation on a flash drive, a CD or on your laptop computer for display in your class.
You are welcome to arrive the day before your workshop begins and delay your departure until the day after it ends.
If you are traveling by air, we're happy to pick you up at the Austin or Killeen airport and you may ship your supplies to us ahead of time.
We very much want you to be comfortable during your stay with us, but please understand that we are not a hotel or a restaurant. If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions please let us know when you contact us so that we can be prepared for your visit.

If your schedule for 2018 is already booked but you're interested in teaching at Painted Views Ranch, our calendar for 2019 is located below to help you plan ahead.


The 2019 schedule is to the right.
Currently there is already one workshop scheduled and another one pending, so contact us about your preferred dates, before they're taken.

Email us at
or call 512-750-8380
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