About Us

In late 2012 we purchased what has become Painted Views Ranch, after falling in love with its views.
For us, there was only one simple question:
"Who wouldn't want to live here?"

So, much of the next year was spent in designing our home in a way that took best advantage of the views and provided places and spaces for making art. Our plan was to share the view with other artists, especially those who enjoy painting plein air, because the views cry out to be painted.

Construction began in early 2014 and we were able to move into our new home by August. We will always remember the first night we spent here because we kept thinking "It's soooooo quiet here!"

Looking west
Our plans for an art school didn't materialize as quickly as we hoped and our first workshop wasn't held until November 2015, when we opened our home to a small class of six students. The feedback we received from that workshop led us to make improvements over 2016 and schedule more classes for 2017.

We offer the Ranch as a setting, not to make a profit, but to foster the arts. As such, we are not an events center, just a small ranch venue with a great view!

The Ranch consists of our home, a barn/workshop, a pasture with a small herd of Black Angus being raised by our neighbor and our glorious views.

Our only staff is Rascal, our ever alert Border Aussie who we have appointed to be our Ranch Foreman, and Sweetie, an Austrailian shepherd mix who serves as his Top Hand.

Other than them,
it's just the two of us.
The views here are ever-changing, according to the seasons. The wildflowers volunteer in different patterns every year while the lilies and irises in the pond look best in the heat of summer. The variety of oak trees here range from those that are evergreen to those that change colors before stretching their bare branches to the sky. Mornings offer shaded places to paint western vistas that stretch for miles and afternoons put the patio in the shade while the adjacent koi pond is in bright sunlight. No matter when an artist is here, you can be sure to find something interesting to paint. So our motto is:

There is no "perfect" time to be at Painted Views Ranch,
but it's always a wonderful time to come and paint!

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